As the U.S. coronavirus death toll exceeds 3,000, Democrats and the mainstream media want to make it abundantly clear that the pandemic has killed more people than the 9/11 terror attacks — and that it’s all President Trump’s fault.

Democrat operatives and members of CNN, MSNBC, Al Jazeera, The Atlantic, and others all made the false equivalence between a deadly pathogen from China and a radical Islamic terrorist attack on Tuesday, claiming Trump is responsible for the COVID-19 deaths.

“The coronavirus death toll in the US has now crossed 3,000, which means it has surpassed the 9/11 death toll (under another reckless GOP president) and also, perhaps more relevantly, the Hurricane Maria death toll in Puerto Rico (also on Trump’s irresponsible watch),” tweeted Al-Jazeera’s Mehdi Hasan.

Of course, many picked up on the false equivalence fallacy of comparing a virus pandemic to a terrorist attack.

If one uses the left’s logic, that would mean former President Obama is responsible for the 12,000 American deaths from swine flu during his tenure.

The left thinks they can pin 3,000 deaths on Trump because of a virus, apparently not realizing that viruses like the common flu kill between 12,000 and 61,000 people annually, according to the CDC.

Is the blood from 40,000 car accident deaths annually also on Trump’s hands? How about the 610,000 deaths from heart disease?

It’s clear the spread of the virus is ultimately the fault of Communist China, but once the virus reached American shores, all Trump could do is mitigate the spread, which his administration has been doing while Democrats and liberal health officials were calling for Americans to mingle in large crowds.




The rotting corpses handling the levers of power in the District of Criminals are still diverting their own hoax nonsense.

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