The House Democrats have assigned Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who advocates a 70-percent marginal tax rate, to serve on the House Financial Services Committee.

The committee oversees banks, insurance, international finance and credit.

On her twitter account today, Ocasio-Cortez has put out multiple message celebrating her assignment.

“Financial Services is one of just four exclusive committees in the House,” she said in one Tweet. “It oversees big banks, lending & the financial sector. I am very grateful for the opportunity to sit on this committee as a freshman, and look forward to working under the leadership of @RepMaxineWaters!”

“I can’t stress how important this moment is,” she said in another Tweet.

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“It’s a huge win,” she said in another. “Obviously there is work to do—there are other money committees (Ways & Means, Energy & Commerce, etc.). But we’ve got one day. Before we had 0.”

Yesterday, Ocasio-Cortez sent a tweet in response to former Gov. Scott Walker (R.-Wisc.) who had sent out a Tweet critical of excessive tax rates.

“Imagine if you did chores for abuela & she gave you $10,” said Ocasio-Cortez. “When you got home, you got to keep it, because it’s only $10.

“Then we taxed the billionaire in town because he’s making tons of money underpaying the townspeople,” she said.

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