Media Matters, the media attack dog that zeroes in exclusively on Republicans and so-called conservatives, wants to hold Fox’s Bill O’Reilly accountable for “lies and fabrications.”

The Media Matters attack is a liberal Democrat response to criticism of NBC news anchor Brian Williams who said he was aboard a military helicopter hit by a rocket-propelled grenade.

The Peabody award winning corporate media journalist was suspended for six months after it was discovered his story was a lie.

Williams is a staunch Democrat who started his journalism career as a White House intern during the Carter administration.

Media Matters and the liberal magazine Mother Jones went after O’Reilly for his “inconsistent” war stories on El Salvador and the Falkland Islands when he worked for CBS News.

O’Reilly’s track record did not become an issue until he criticized colleague Williams for lying.

Because Media Matters is an attack dog for the Democrat establishment it is incapable of addressing the real problem plaguing the corporate media — repeated lies and fabrications to push its geopolitical agenda.

Media Matters is funded by the New Democrat Network and, the George Soros funded political action committee.

The egocentric lies of Williams and possibly O’Reilly are beside the point. The real issue is the fact the corporate media operates as a propaganda megaphone for the state and its globalist overlords who routinely lie for political effect.

The compounded lies leading up to the Iraq war and later dismissed as “intelligence failures” are the most egregious example.

The establishment media passed off these lies as truth and continues to pass of questionable information as truth in regard to Iran, Syria, and Iraq.

Additionally, it lies through omission by refusing to report factual information at odds with the official narrative.

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