COMMENT: Same old script– two party synthesis while giving up liberties and vast cash to fight phantoms…

Justin Blum
February 3, 2010

Republicans say they see weakness in President Barack Obama’s approach to fighting terrorism — and a winning issue for themselves in the November congressional elections.

[efoods]While Republicans have criticized Obama’s national-security policies since he took office, the intensity has picked up in recent weeks. They have focused on the administration’s handling of the attempted Christmas bombing of a Northwest Airlines flight and the government’s plans to try terrorism suspects in civilian courts.

In the last month alone, the top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, Jeff Sessions of Alabama, issued at least 15 statements assailing Obama’s policies for combating terrorism. He said Democrats can expect more of the same as the elections approach.

If Obama and his administration “persist in the arguments they’re making, which are not sound legally or politically, I think any good candidate is going to raise it,” Sessions said in an interview. “It’s a very large, substantive issue.”


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