David Brat, who did a term limit on establishment Republican Eric Cantor Tuesday, should expect Democrats to begin trashing him for his unforgivable (for avowed statists) libertarianism. In fact, they already have.

At the head of the line is AOL’s Huffington Post. Kasey Varner and Amanda Terkel warn about Brat’s Christian capitalism:

ThinkProgress, the Democrat propaganda blog run by the Clintonite John Podesta and his Center for American Progress, add a scary Hitler caveat to Brat’s treatise on unvarnished capitalism:

Meanwhile, Media Matters, the establishment Democrat attack dog endorsed by wealthy progs through Democracy Alliance and funded in part by George Soros, ACORN bankroller Marion Sandler and the CIA’s Ford Foundation, blame Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham and “right-wing radio” for Brat’s victory (voters, naturally, counted for nothing during the primary):

ThinkProgress went so far as to insinuate Cantor lost because he twisted tea party arms too much. Once again, the real reason for Cantor’s loss and Brat’s victory is ignored – voters in Virginia are tired of establishment Republicans who closely resemble establishment Democrats when it comes down to things that matter (like, for instance, obeying the Constitution and opposing marching orders issued by banksters and crony corporatists):

Unfortunately, Glenn Greenwald is barking up the wrong tree, but then liberals are dedicated to their cherished social issues. Glenn, David Brat is the best you can hope for when it comes to clamping down on the NSA. Establishment politicos like Cantor and virtually every Republican and Democrat in the district of criminals has acquiesced to the high-tech Stasi surveillance state:

This is just the beginning. Libertarianism, especially when infused with Christianity, is anathema in Washington. Expect both sides of the one party political class to attack David Brat and undermine his tenure in the House after he trounces Democrat vampire writer Jack Trammell laster this year.

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