Police officers in the NYPD have hit back at outraged protesters furious at the death of Eric Garner, a black man who died in a police chokehold, saying he brought it upon himself.

Union officials and police supporters have seized on findings showing that Garner’s asthma and obesity contributed to his death, and say they feel ‘thrown under the bus’ by demonstrations and politicians. 

They also said that more people should have been pointing out that Garner was wrong to resist arrest when confronted by officers in State Island, New York City, this July.

He was wrestled to the ground and repeatedly told officers ‘I can’t breathe’ as white patrolman Daniel Pantaleo held him round the neck.

He died in the wake of the confrontation – over the illegal sale of loose cigarettes – but a grand jury this week decided there would be no indictment over this death.

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