May 3, 2011

New video and photos provide evidence to suggest that ROTC students assisted in initiating the fire that was the reason for the extreme force used by the multi-jurisdictional task force at the annual Wheeler Block Party. Julio Rausseo provides the update regarding the evidence and the planned student anti-police state demonstration at the University Union.

Annual year-end block party at Western Illinois University ends with riot police. Students attending the Wheeler Block Party were met by a Multi-Jurisdictional Task Force who used tear gas, LRAD sound weapons and crowd suppression tactics to force students into their homes. Gary Franchi is joined by eyewitness and victim of the raid, Julio Rausseo to review video footage and recount the abuses against the students. Establishment media and law enforcement have begun to spin the story ignoring the rights abuses. Please spread the word of this report and help get this story out.

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