Recently, roughly 600 people showed up in Dayton, Ohio to protest nine Klansmen.

There was an overwhelming presence of Antifa and New Black Panther groups that riled up a crowd that the city of Dayton spent $650,000 on security for.

Again, the fascistic communist Antifa were supported by the mob, as were the New Black Panthers, who even the out of control hate map designating SPLC describes as ” ……a virulently racist and antisemitic organization whose leaders have encouraged violence against whites, Jews and law enforcement officers.”

These are the groups the Democrats support, yet how are they any different than the Klan?

They essentially share methods of hate-fueled division even if their ideologies are at odds.

And now, in a second round of a Democrat-led federal response to white supremacy, the Democrats singled out white supremacists while ignoring the very real danger to average Americans by the growing leftist mob.

Meanwhile, the Democrats are supported by full-blown, raging communism.

Since these groups that support the socialist left are violating numerous US codes, when can we expect a hearing investigating the impact of Antifa and other similar groups?

Or are the Republicans too busy siding with the Democrats in the big taxpayer sucking country club known as the U.S. Congress?

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