Democrats sent out construction crews to pave over a “Defund The Police” mural on a street in front of the White House after polling revealed public opinion was against their calls to defund law enforcement.

Construction crews were seen along 16th street in front of St. John’s Church stripping off the section of road that called for defunding police, while leaving the rest of the giant “Black Lives Matter” mural intact.

Bowser had commissioned a giant yellow mural to say “Black Lives Matter” along 16th street in June, which she then dubbed “Black Lives Matter Plaza”, with a message to “Defund The Police” right next to it.

This comes after several polls found the majority of Americans were against the Democrats’ calls to defund law enforcement amid nationwide looting and violence by Antifa and Black Lives Matter activists.

“Strong majorities of Americans oppose the movement to ‘defund the police’ and some of its most significant goals, specifically reshuffling funding away from law enforcement to support mental health, housing and education programs, a new ABC News/Ipsos poll released Friday finds,” ABC News reported.

“Nearly two-thirds of Americans oppose calls for defunding police departments, compared to 34% who back the movement, and 60% specifically oppose reducing the budget for police to reallocate it to other public health and social programs, while 39% support that move.”

Every single Democrat in the Senate refused to say if they supported the far-left’s calls to defund the police back in June, signaling their awareness that this radical political position was inviable in an election year, especially as the far-left continues its violent cultural revolution across America.

The lack of support by the public even prompted The Washington Post to try to spin the left’s radical proposal, saying it would simply “redirect” funds from police budgets.

Democrats could just be terrified of the far-left mob, who turned on Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey (D) in June after he told protesters he would not support calls to defund his city’s police department.

“Alright, then get the fuck outta here,” a protester told him.





This video exposes the hate, the racism, emotional immaturity, and the tendency to violence of a highly-regarded Black Lives Matter activist here in the UK.

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