Democrats, now at their weakest since the 1920s, are blaming each other for their epic losses in Tuesday’s midterm elections.

Many Democrats threw fits of rage over social media, which ranged from the completely hilarious to deeply disturbing.

Actress Nancy Lee Grahn blew up on Twitter, stating that “any parent who didn’t vote for Democrats … makes you a sh**ty parent.”

Her sequential tweets only got worse.

But at least she didn’t call for the murder of infants like this abortion advocate did:

She said her support of abortion derives from population control, which is the exact same agenda of the eugenists who spent decades advancing the “pro-choice” movement:

Instead of blaming others, M.C. Hammer on the other hand attempted to spin reality by telling Democrats to “relax” because 2016 is “looking good” for the party:

Democratic leaders and lawmakers were likewise trying to spin reality and blame each other for the election losses.

In a post-election press conference yesterday, President Obama suggested Republicans won because two-thirds of registered voters did not vote in the elections.

“To everyone that voted, I want you to know that I heard you,” he said. “To two-thirds of voters that chose not to participate in the process yesterday, I hear you, too.”

Nancy Pelosi (D-Cali.), the Minority Leader in the House of Representatives, is expected to maintain her leadership position, but Democrats upset over the GOP’s gains in the House which they already control are calling for her replacement.

“The private grumbling about Pelosi is unusual,” reported Politico. “Unlike House Republican leaders, who have faced a continued threat of rebellion from conservative members, Democrats are far more loyal to Pelosi, in part because of her prolific fundraising prowess.”

Some Democratic lawmakers are suggesting voters rejected them because they weren’t authoritarian enough, which is wishful thinking considering the GOP’s victories were due to an explosive ideological realignment by millions of Americans towards liberty.

“We spent six years dancing in the middle and not providing an assertive contrast to the Republicans, and we’re paying the price for it,” Rep. Raúl Grijalva (D-Ariz.) told The Hill.

Democrats simply won’t face the truth: voters rejected them at large because Democrats promote policies which only lead to poverty.

Liberty, on the other hand, leads to prosperity, and many libertarian-leaning Americans are taking back the GOP from blueblood Republicans.

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