Democrats in Congress, who once supported President Obama’s policy of not providing lethal aid to Ukraine, are now attacking President Trump for promoting the same policy in an effort to appear sufficiently “anti-Russia” for their Russian witch-hunt.

Despite previously supporting President Obama’s policy over fears it would give Russia “pretext for further incursions,” Congressional Democrats are now changing their tunes to appear “anti-Russian” in opposition to Trump.

Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee, led by Rep. Adam Schiff of California, alleged that a pledge to provide lethal aid to the Ukrainian government was removed from the Republican Party’s platform at the “insistence of the Trump campaign” because of alleged ties between campaign officials and the Russians.

The committee hearing featured FBI Director James Comey and Admiral Mike Rogers, director of the National Security Agency.

The basis for such claims appears to be a single article from the Washington Post that alleged the Trump campaign “orchestrated a set of events” to change the party’s platform.

“Is it possible that the removal of the Ukraine provision from the GOP platform is a coincidence?” Schiff said. “It is possible. But it is also possible, maybe more than possible, that they are not coincidental.”

The claims made in the Post article have been disputed by Byron York of the Washington Examiner, who examined the platform’s draft language prior to the change and indicated the change strengthened the platform’s language relating to Russia’s involvement in Ukraine.

The Republican delegate who proposed the “lethal defensive weapons” amendment, Diana Denman of Texas, told the Examiner she was fine with how the language in the platform turned out.

“The platform ended up tougher than it started,” she said.

Schiff suggested a proposal to provide lethal aid to Ukraine has bipartisan support and called for an official inquiry into whether there was “any communication between the Russians and the Trump campaign that resulted in the defeat of an amendment that was against Russian interest.”

“Trump himself changed the Republican Party platform to no longer arm Ukraine,” said Representative Andre Carson of Indiana, adding that campaign officials and advisors like Paul Manafort and General Michael Flynn were hired only “because of their Russian connections.”

It is ironic that Democrats are questioning the language of the Republican Party’s platform relating to Russia and Ukraine while the toughest language in Democratic Party’s platform relating to Russia is directed at Donald Trump.

“Russia is engaging in destabilizing actions along its borders, violating Ukraine’s sovereignty and attempting to recreate spheres of influence that undermine American interests. It is also propping up the Assad regime in Syria, which is brutally attacking its own citizens,” the Democratic Party’s platform said.

“Donald Trump would overturn more than 50 years of American foreign policy by abandoning NATO partners—44 countries who help us fight terrorism every day—and embracing Russian President Vladimir Putin instead.”

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