Defense Distributed’s Cody Wilson appeared on The Alex Jones Show Tuesday to speak about Democrats’ massive push to ban 3D-printed gun blueprints in America.

When it comes to censorship and suppression of this type of information “they are happy to do it,” Wilson said.

“These Democrats feel like they have some sort of public lock on cultural power and that if they just knock one or two people off they’ve got it… They want to end gun culture.”

Wilson highlighted that whether Democrats block the download of 3D printed gun blueprints or not, it is irrelevant because the speed of information is so explosive that email or next-day air works just as well.

“I named this operation ‘Integral Accident’ and what that means is in theory if the information can be shared in any way in this age then it can be shared in every way so there is no limitation, there is only the explosive immediate speed of information from any corner,” Wilson said. “So of course, if I am able to sell it to you, if I am able to email it to you and send you the link to it, this is virtually as good as being able to download it.”

Wilson also pointed out that the recent push to censor his blueprints by taking him to court has failed because they’ve now received “millions of downloads” in aggregate after the media relentlessly demonized them.

“It’s incitement,” he said. “They want someone to sue me.”

To date, Wilson has been sued in 20 states, but that’s not stopping him from killing it on the legal battlefield with his small team of attorneys.

“Now, isn’t it funny that no matter how many states they are suing me in, no matter how many courts they are bringing me into, I can now still give you my files today,” he told Jones.

“Isn’t that wild?” he asked.

“Every single setback in my career has only been an opportunity for expansion,” Wilson admits. “It’s going to be a tough hill for them to climb.”

In late July President, Donald Trump chimed in on the matter when he tweeted: “I am looking into 3-D Plastic Guns being sold to the public. Already spoke to NRA, doesn’t seem to make much sense!”

Liberal reporters were quick to jump on the president over the tweet which caused much controversy considering Trump campaigned as a pro-Second Amendment candidate.

A federal judge issued a temporary restraining order on July 31, the same day of Trump’s controversial tweet blocking access to the download of 10 different 3D printable firearm designs.

You can visit Cody Wilson’s website at

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