A new study has found Muslims born in Denmark feel more fury at Western foreign intervention, and are more inclined to help Muslims by violent means, than foreign-born people who migrated from conflict zones.

An international team of researchers, led by Milan Obaidi of Sweden’s Uppsala University, conducted two surveys in order to identify signs of victimisation-by-proxy  — whereby, in its most extreme form, Muslims born in Europe who have never lived outside the continent become so angry at the treatment of Muslims abroad that they consider carrying out acts of violence.

In order to compare the attitudes of Muslims born in Denmark with foreign-born migrants who had lived in a conflict zone during a Western military operation, researchers surveyed the two groups  — looking at measures of Muslim identification, group-based anger and perceptions of Western military intervention in Muslim-majority countries.

Also examined were the cohorts’ tendencies to violence, and their nonviolent intentions to defend or support Islam and other Muslims.

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