Conservative author and political commentator Dennis Prager slammed The New York Times best-seller list, saying, “It doesn’t tell what the best-selling books are,” and “religious books and conservative books don’t do as well.”

Speaking with Fox’s Brian Kilmeade, who filled in on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Prager criticized the famous list, arguing, “In my particular case, with The Rational Bible, it was number two last week on The Wall Street Journal, number two in Publishers Weekly, number one on Ingram. Ingram is the biggest wholesaler to bookstores in the country. And number two on BookScan, which monitors 75 to 85 percent of the books sold. So that it doesn’t even appear on The New York Times best-seller list is a real puzzle.”

“It’s bizarre,” Kilmeade agreed, “When you have those numbers, I know a little bit about the book business, and if you are on Publishers Weekly and you’re ranking high on BookScan, you’re usually in that list. And I just find it hard to believe that you can’t get BookScan and others to give you numbers to go up The New York Times and say, ‘Hey, tell me who sold more,'” he continued.

Prager replied, “Oh, we have the numbers. It is not a puzzle at all. And it still doesn’t matter.”

Clarifying his position, Prager concluded, “I’m not a victim. I’m not whining. I just want people to know what I have known and many conservatives and many especially religious writers know, it’s not a best-seller list. People should understand that and then we can move on.”

Click here to read Dennis Prager’s full response to the NYT.

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