Kurt Nimmo
May 20, 2013


Daniele Perazzi was arrested on Saturday after a cab driver turned him into police as a terrorist. The Perazzi Shotguns executive was taken into custody by Adams County Deputies outside of the Denver Merchandise Mart where the annual Colorado Gun Collectors Show was held over the weekend. The show is a noted venue for the finest collectors firearms in the world.

“He loaded prototype shotguns into the cab on the way to the Merchandise Mart,” gun rights activist and newly-elected National Rifle Association Director Steve Schreiner told Gun Rights Examiner on Sunday. “The cab driver notified law enforcement he suspected he had a terrorist in his cab, and they were waiting to intercept him, evidently oblivious to the fact that he was arriving at a highly-publicized area gun show.”

Perazzi’s lawyers told the police the gun firm executive was not a terrorist but “the owner of one of the most expensive shotgun companies in the world,” Schreiner said.

According to Fox 31 in Denver, the Italian gun manufacturer was frightened by the incident. Schreiner said Mr. Perazzi was told by the police to leave the state by Saturday night. Instead, he left the country. His lawyer said legal action against the police is possible in the future.

Fox reported that Denver taxi drivers were honored last week for reporting incidents while on duty. The awards are part of a program called Taxis on Patrol (TOPS) that encourages cabbies to report suspicious activity.

The arrest of Daniele Perazzi follows a number of incidents where gun manufacturers and legal gun owners have been targeted by government and police.

In early January, John Noveske, described as one of the most celebrated gun manufacturers in the United States, died in a mysterious car accident after he tied school shootings to psychiatric drugs in a lengthy Facebook post.

A few days after Noveske’s death, Keith Ratliff, who posted videos on his popular Youtube channel dedicated to high-powered rifles and explosives, was found with a single gunshot wound to the head. Ratliff’s channel was Youtube’s ninth most popular with more than three million active subscribers and a combined half billion views, according to the Daily Mail.

In April, we covered the case of David A. Schmecker, a 50 year old veteran who had his firearms confiscated by the government after a forced “psychiatric evaluation.”

Schmecker’s disarming followed a similar one last year when an Ohio veteran had his confiscated because he was adjudged to be mentally incompetent, despite the fact that his previous VA psychiatric evaluations were all clear, he was not on medication, and he had no criminal record.

In February, we reported on a letter sent to veterans in an attempt to strip them of their Second Amendment rights under the ruse of mental incompetence.

Earlier this year, the NRA released a Department of Justice memo calling for national gun registration and confiscation. The memo was written by the acting director of the Justice Department’s National Institute of Justice, Greg Ridgeway. It is dated January 4, two weeks before Obama mounted his attack on the Second Amendment following the Sandy Hook massacre. Ridgeway came to the Justice Department from the RAND corporation.

Although the arrest of the Italian gun manufacturer appears to be an overreaction by a cabbie under a hyped-up terrorist detection program and over-zealous Denver cops, the incident is more evidence that government is determined to demonize the Second Amendment and portray gun owners at potential terrorists.

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