Patt Morrison
L.A. Times
February 15, 2011


People are uncomfortable talking about population — it brings up such intimate choices and the specter of government control over who procreates — but they will talk about consumption. Does that address the problem more palatably?


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Population is the background driver. The standard line, which I really agree with, is, whatever your cause, it’s a lost cause without population control.

First, you work on the rights of women — job opportunities for women, education, giving women rights — and in most parts of the world, that would get us where we want to be, a gradual population decline over the next century.

And you get some leadership. If an American president got up and said, “Patriotic Americans stop at two [children]” — that’s where you need some guts. Consumption is equally important. I’d think the biggest problem is figuring out what to do on consumption. We don’t have any consumption condoms.

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