Kurt Nimmo
December 25, 2012

On Monday Piers Morgan attempted to divert attention away from a petition to deport him by tweeting about the murder of two firefighters.

“I don’t care about petition to deport me. I do care about poor NY firefighters murdered/injured with an assault weapon today,” the CNN host tweeted.

The man suspected in the murders was an ex-convict who had served time for killing his grandmother with a hammer. Ex-convicts are prevented by law from owning firearms. News reports said he used a rifle to shoot the firefighters. Anti-Second Amendment advocates like Piers Morgan are fond of using the term “assault weapon” to describe any firearm.

Strict gun laws like the 1994 Crime Act and Clinton’s federal assault weapons ban did not reduce crime and would not have prevented the murders in New York. “Criminals get their guns from the black market and stealing and not from federally licensed dealers,” Kelly Whitley of the NRA said in 2002, two years before the federal ban on so-called assault weapons expired.

More than 60,000 people have signed the petition to deport Morgan posted on the White House website by Infowars.com on Friday.

The Obama administration has promised to address all petitions receiving over 25,000 signatures within a 30 day period. The Infowars.com petition received that number within 48 hours.

The petition and the demand that Morgan be deported for actively subverting the Second Amendment received wide coverage by the establishment media.

Infowars.com posted the petition to counter the establishment media’s propaganda campaign against the Second Amendment in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre in Connecticut. Following his unprofessional interview with Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America and his ad hominem attack on Pratt’s character, the establishment media made Morgan the informal leader of the anti-Second Amendment movement.

The petition was not posted to deny Morgan protection under the First Amendment. The Supreme Court has ruled that the First Amendment protects speech regardless of the nationality of the speaker.

The petition was posted to draw attention to Morgan’s effort to rob Americans of their right to possess firearms and shed light on the Second Amendment argument ignored or dismissed by the corporate media. It successfully accomplished this objective within several hours of appearing on the White House website.

The effort to rob Americans of their Second Amendment right to own firearms will begin in earnest next month when Congress convenes. Piers Morgan will serve as the informal propaganda minister of the government plan to incrementally strip all Americans of their sovereignty.

In its original context, the Second Amendment was about resisting government tyranny. In the modern context, it stands as a symbol of political sovereignty.

As Gary North notes, the existence of the Second Amendment means the American citizen “still has the fundamental marks of political sovereignty, namely, firearms. His firearms testify to the fact that the central government does not yet feel sufficiently confident to confiscate his firearms in the name of the central government’s exclusive monopoly of violence. His firearms testify to the fact that he is still a citizen, and that he still possesses rights that politicians and bureaucrats cannot legally overturn.”

Piers Morgan and the anti-Second Amendment intelligentsia, North continues, “want this right overturned… because they are in favor of centralized political control. They believe that their class, namely, the intellectual class, is in control of the agencies of civil government. For the most part, this assumption is correct. They assume that their class, and only their class, has the wisdom to allocate weapons. They believe that their class alone possesses the right to determine which citizen has access to weapons, under which circumstances, and for how long.”

Piers Morgan will not be deported. But the attention the petition brings to the issue guarantees that those of us who believe in sovereignty and natural rights will be heard as the establishment and its media prepare a scripted onslaught against the Second Amendment in the weeks and months ahead.

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