In a renewed focus on detention centers for illegal immigrants, leftists have hit out against President Trump, focusing particularly on a facility in Virginia, where it is alleged children were beaten, among other abuses. However, the center opened in 2007 and the alleged abuses were reported in 2016, a year before Trump took office.

A tweet from Michael Biesecker of the AP drew attention to the story Thursday:

However, the news is hardly ‘breaking’:

The story relates to lawsuits filed in 2016, during the Obama administration.

According to the report, a guard at the facility was fired for allegedly punching two children. The facility denied the allegations, and the guard counter sued for wrongful dismissal. The case was settled in January.

So, President Trump had absolutely nothing to do with any of this. These people were detained in facilities opened prior to or during the Obama administration. Children were allowed to be taken by human traffickers and then there was an attempt to keep it all quiet.

OK, but whatever, blame Trump:

Impeach lock up who?

Some still can’t muster the attention span to read one article:

Remarkably, CNN host Brooke Baldwin also made the point during an interview with a Democratic Senator, that Democrats didn’t seem all that concerned about immigration policies under Obama:

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