William LaJeunesse
Fox News
April 5, 2008

IMPERIAL SAND DUNES, Calif. — As the U.S. tries to wall off the border with Mexico to stop illegal immigration, there is a glaring hole where Arizona, California and Mexico intersect, a notorious drug corridor that agents are desperately trying to fix.

The Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area is a geographical anomaly, a network of sand dunes stretching 45 miles from northern Baja Mexico into parts of the two border states. On weekends the area can attract more than 100,000 visitors in ATVs, dune buggies and sand rails.

Off-roaders love the terrain in the unmarked wilderness area, and they frequently drive their recreational vehicles across the border into Mexico without incident. Desert winds shift the sands and often cover their tracks.

Drug smugglers have taken note, and are dressing up in the full leather gear and masks used by the off-roaders. They blend in with the crowd, carrying kilos of cocaine and marijuana in their ATVs and SUVs.

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