While Hillary Clinton spent 4 hours in the FBI’s company this weekend, Democrats set about one of the most difficult tasks they could possibly engage in, to convince the general public that Hillary is in any way honest and trustworthy.

The ‘trust Hillary’ talking point has begin to be heavily injected into public appearances and media outings by Democrats, presumably at the behest of party leaders who know that the American people, and even Hillary’s most staunch supporters, know she has built a career on deceit.

Sen. Sherrod Brown and Labor Secretary Tom Perez, both in the running as potential VP picks, appeared on Sunday news shows and made efforts to convince viewers that Hillary is honest.

“I trust Hillary Clinton in part because for a whole lot of reasons, in part, because I know how she started her career advocating for the Children’s Defense Fund. She didn’t do off to Manhattan or to Washington to make a lot of money.” Brown stated on ABC’s ‘This Week’ after reeling off a list of things Hillary has ‘released to the public’, not mentioning the fact that in almost all cases such releases have been under legal duress.

Appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Tom Perez described Clinton as a “steady hand,” adding “the Hillary Clinton that I’ve gotten to know well and the Hillary Clinton that the voters of New York got to kick the tires on very well, they have always said and consistently said that ‘we trust her.'”

Perez added that Americans should look at the “body of her work across her life, including the work she did when she was not in the spotlight” to see that “her moral compass is about helping those who are in the shadows.”

Reportedly, Vice President Joe Biden will also join the ‘trust Hillary’ campaign in an appearance with Clinton this Friday, while Obama will join Hillary in North Carolina to ram the message down voters throats.

Biden, in an NPR interview Sunday, said a goal in campaigning for Clinton was to “vouch” for her.

“The hardest thing is vouching. When you vouch for them you say ‘I’m putting my reputation on the line. I believe this person is a good person, has character,” Biden said.

“You’re putting your rep on the line. You’re saying, ‘I think this person has character,’ and that’s what I’m prepared to do for Hillary.”

It’s a tall task, given that in every recent poll, voters have stressed that they see Hillary as overtly deceitful.

The Washington Post notes:

In an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll in late June, 69 percent of respondents said they were concerned that Clinton has a record or reputation as untrustworthy. A CBS News poll in June found 62 percent saying Clinton is not honest and trustworthy, while 33 percent said she is. Her ratings on this were similar to Trump’s (63 percent not honest, 32 percent honest). But on a separate measure of being forthcoming, 33 percent of registered voters said Clinton says what she believes while 62 percent said she does not. By contrast, 56 percent said Trump says what he believes.

The media has been unable to ignore these facts, with wall to wall coverage pointing out how untrustworthy voters know Hillary is:

As noted by ABC’s Cecilia Vega, featured in the above footage, the Hillary campaign purposefully ‘volunteered’ for Clinton to be interviewed by the FBI over the holiday weekend as damage control in order to limit press coverage.

“There were no videos, no photos of Hillary Clinton going in or out of the FBI headquarters,” Vega said. “That’s the last thing the campaign wanted in this, for an image like that to emerge. Her campaign is certainly in damage control mode right now.”

“[Voters] get that trust and honesty is a huge problem for Hillary Clinton, if not the biggest problem facing her right now as she heads into this general election against Donald Trump,” Vega said.

“The real problem, Martha, is they may not be able to change all of these minds out there,” Vega said. “You and I have both spoken with people all around this country, even Hillary Clinton supporters who say they don’t trust her either.”

Also appearing on ABC’s ‘This Week’, staunch Clinton supporter Cokie Roberts admitted that the Clinton campaign doesn’t “have a clue how to fix it.”

“The polling numbers are so severe. One after another showing people don’t find her honest and trustworthy, and find Donald Trump more honest and trustworthy.” Roberts noted, before bizarrely comparing Clinton to Alexander Hamilton, who “lied too, to his wife.”

Even Hillary herself admits she cannot be trusted.

“Trust is the glue that holds our democracy together,” Clinton said at a speech last week.

“I take this seriously, as someone who is asking for your votes, and I personally know I have work to do on this point,” Hillary added, admitting that “A lot of people tell pollsters they don’t trust me. I don’t like hearing that, and I’ve thought a lot about what’s behind it.”

She then blamed ‘conspiracy theorists’ for tarnishing her reputation.

“You know, you hear 25 years worth of wild accusations, anyone could start to wonder,” Clinton said. “Political opponents and conspiracy theorists have accused me of every crime in the book. None of it’s true, never has been,” but it also never goes away, Clinton said.

“You can’t just talk someone into trusting you. You’ve got to earn it,” Clinton added.

Clinton cannot even give a straight answer when asked if she has ever lied. In a remarkable exchange with CBS anchor Scott Pelley earlier this year, Clinton refused to say that she has never or will never lie to the American people, instead saying “I have always tried to” tell the truth, and added “I don’t believe I ever have” lied.


Steve Watson is the London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’ Infowars.com, and Prisonplanet.com

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