Speculation is rife that Hillary Clinton – backed into a corner by the FBI’s decision to re-open its investigation into her email scandal – will give the go-ahead for the release of new tapes that feature Donald Trump making racist remarks.

Hillary now faces at least three different forms of attack over the next week – more damaging revelations from the Podesta emails, more undercover videos from James O’Keefe and Project Veritas, in addition to the newly re-opened FBI investigation of her email scandal.

O’Keefe has indicated that he is about to release a video that shows Clinton operatives making disparaging racial remarks.

Speculation has also raged that the Clinton camp is sitting on unreleased audio tapes of Donald Trump making lewd, and possibly racist, remarks.

As the Daily Caller reported earlier this month, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Michael D’Antonio, who wrote a biography on Donald Trump, contacted the Clinton campaign back in March to offer them 9 hours of taped conversations with Trump free of charge.

The tapes are likely to contain similar remarks to those made by Trump in the infamous “Billy Bush” tape.

“It might be more likely that another horrible thing is going to happen for Trump. There’s got to be more video and audio out there,” D’Antonio told Politico.

One thing is for certain, if those tapes are in the possession of the Clinton camp, they will be released over the next few days in a desperate effort to distract attention from the FBI investigation hanging over Hillary’s head.

Nine hours of taped conversations with Trump – who is notorious for speaking off the cuff – are almost certain to contain something that can be overhyped or taken out of context.

While some believe the tapes will be released early this week, others like Ben Shapiro think the behavior of Clinton campaign operatives suggest that they are out of ammo.

The next few days are almost certain to hold the answer.


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