Liberals scrambling to make sense of Donald Trump’s incredible rise in the GOP are searching frantically for somewhere to pin the blame, with the latest accusations being lobbed at internet pioneer Matt Drudge.

In a recent Business Insider article, link aggregator is accused of aiding the businessman’s rise to power by rewarding conservative media publications who cover Trump in a positive light with website traffic.

Tossing Trump’s considerable mastery of the press aside, Drudge is painted as a “kingmaker who used his agenda-setting power” to move Trump to the top of the ticket.

While Business Insider gives voice to several grumbling critics who’ve failed in thwarting Trump’s popularity, the article interestingly fails to quote Drudge himself, despite the reclusive media mogul giving an interview to Infowars in October of last year.

Drudge explained on the Alex Jones Show that he tackles each day’s news cycle by covering the issues he deems important or those which he believes are being suppressed, absent outside influence. This explains why Drudge has facilitated Trump’s pro-American, anti-globalist themes, as a bombardment of negative media has attempted to suppress or downplay that message.

Here are a few excerpts from Drudge’s historic interview with Alex Jones in October 2015, in which he reveals his news-seeking methods:

DRUDGE: There’s a lot of corporate makeover of the Internet that I have not adapted to, simply put. I’m friends with some of them, when I go to New York I make the Sixth Ave. rounds, but I am not a part of that system.

I’m a free thinker, I’m an American. I’m very concerned with what’s happening.

So, I just give it my all. I’ve learned how to take care of myself and detach from outcomes, because otherwise you can’t survive… and i don’t know where you are on that topic…

JONES: I just follow my instinct because they always tell us how to adapt to be successful, but really we’re just adapting to their mindset to be their slaves.

DRUDGE: I don’t. I don’t. I have remained completely independent from all of them, ALL OF THEM. I am not influenced by any of them. I need no traffic from Google. I don’t care if i get one traffic referral from Google, or Bing, or Yahoo or any of these others. It’s always been that way.

Now if you think of that set up, how rare that is, because everyone is so hungry for referrals, for likes.

I don’t need to be liked, I don’t need to be liked at all. I don’t care if there’s a button right there at the top of drudge saying, “Like or dislike,” “Thumbs up, thumbs down.” Doesn’t mean anything. Now I hope that you come; doesn’t mean you have to necessarily like what I’ve got up there.

Now where I’ve had a lot of success is I’m getting people from both sides of the aisle. They’ve always said, ‘Oh, he’s a right-wing gossip monger,’ mainly because of Lewinsky and those years–which, by the way, are back

Why aren’t we seeing Hillary’s lovers? Where’s the coverup on this? So many issues that are suppressed on a daily basis.

So that’s what I try to do every morning.

Drudge’s perceived support of Trump may be a derivative of his intense apprehension at the prospect of a Hillary Clinton presidency, especially after he was sued by a member of the Bill Clinton administration in 1997.

“I’ve got a long history with these people,” Drudge said of the Clintons. “They’re ugly, they play dirty, they sued me for $30 million last time around with the approval of the president, announced by the press secretary of the White House, a civil action… and they didn’t have the NSA then. They had Echelon, they had all these other things you were talking about then.”

“Hillary Clinton with the NSA, good luck if you dissent. Good luck if you dissent,” Drudge stated. “Snowden I’ll switch places with you. You can come over here and rot in hell because that’s what it’s going to be.”

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