Despite scores of children at public schools across the nation issuing resounding disapproval of federally-imposed school lunch rules, the much scorned Healthy Hungry Kids initiative, sponsored in large part by First Lady Michelle Obama, has managed to receive funding via Congress’s recently passed $1 trillion omnibus budget deal.

That means rules on what cafeterias can serve will continue to be handed down from the federal level, even though students, health experts and even school district officials have railed against the skimpy meals, with one school official saying, “I wouldn’t eat it either.”

“Universally, it was, ‘We are starving. We are hungry. This isn’t enough food for us.’ But we couldn’t blame them, because I looked at that school lunch and said, ‘I wouldn’t eat it either,’” Wyoming Sheridan County District One business manager Jeremy Smith told Wyoming Public Media.

“All told, seven Wyoming school districts have dropped out of the federal program and are forgoing the reimbursements,” reports Kyle Olson at

The low-calorie lunches, which adhere to requirements for an increased diet made up of fruits, vegetables and whole grains, are actually causing less children to eat and leading to waste and higher costs.

They have also been harshly criticized by students. Children actually willing to embark on the harrowing task of consuming the scary-looking lunch room items have taken to posting their opinions and photos of the lunches to social media, often with the hashtag #ThanksMichelleObama.

“It’s basically tree bark now,” one senior at a high school in Missouri told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “That’s all you can eat.”

Below are just a few more examples of what kids are being subjected to inside the public school system. We also documented other despicable examples here.

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