January 10, 2014

Detective Sgt. Richard Sassi Jr., 34, was sentenced to six months in Dutchess County Jail for falsely reporting an incident to authorities, a misdemeanor, in August 2012. He was subsequently convicted by a jury after a 40-minute deliberation.

The charge stems from a call he made to 911 with report of a burglary in progress, when the boyfriend of a female criminal informant found the police detective in a closet wearing nothing but his underwear. A fight ensued and the disgraced detective is alleged to have pulled his gun on the woman’s boyfriend.The former member of the Dutchess County Drug Task Force used a false name when he called to report a burglary in progress. At trial, he alleged that he did so in order to protect the identity of the informant.

The cop intends to appeal the conviction, and has refused to resign from the City of Beacon Police Department.

Back in 2006 the officer sued the city after they passed him over for promotion to detective, in favor of another candidate. It was alleged that he was denied the promotion as retaliation against his father, Richard Sassi Sr., who was the Chief of Police in the city at that time and an outspoken critic of city officials.

Although is seems rather commendable that the criminal cop was sentenced to any jail time at all, one can easily imagine that had he been a civilian in a similar situation, he would have likely faced numerous felony counts, especially considering the brandishing of a handgun during the incident. Furthermore, the detective faced no charges of any kind for his betrayal of public trust in having an illicit affair with an informant, or from using his authority to allegedly coerce sexual favors from that informant.

You can read more details about this recent case at the following link:

Cop’s Arrest Jeopardizes Drug Cases

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