“My job is to not let you get in my way”

Mikael Thalen

January 29, 2014

A reporter was assaulted by Detroit police officers at a community meeting Tuesday night after daring to question a city council member.

Fox 2 News Headlines

Attemping to confront city councilman George Cushingberry Jr. regarding a recent scandal, Fox 2’s Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter M.L. Elrick was shoved and manhandled by two Detriot police officers assigned to council security.

Despite peacefully talking to several council members as they arrived, Elrick was pushed out of the way only for the arrival of Cushingberry, leading Elrick to believe the assault was preplanned.

“What are you doing!? What are you doing!?” Elrick asked the officers.

An officer identified as Sgt. Robert Mitchell can be seen smiling following the assault, appearing to hold in laughter as Cushingberry briskly walks past the altercation.

Unsurprisingly, Mitchell justifies his unprovoked assault to Elrick by claiming he is “just doing his job,” although unable to cite the authority to do so.

“My job is to not let you get in my way,” Mitchell says.

Incredibly, Mitchell even goes on to push his forearm into Elrick while claiming he himself is being touched instead, a tactic often used by corrupt officers.

Claiming to enter a “secure area,” Mitchell eventually leaves the building, unwilling to answer Elrick’s questions.

Only three years prior, investigative journalist Steve Neavling, who recently exposed Detroit officers humiliating a mentally ill man on camera, was sent to the emergency room after being assaulted by council security as well.

Cushingberry has seemingly attempted to avoid media since last week when he was pulled over with an empty alcohol container, marijuana, a cup full of alcohol, no license and an expired registration. Unsurprisingly again, Cushingberry was let off with only a ticket despite initially attempting to flee the scene.

“Certainly, when you look at the totality, when you look at the public safety issues, when you look at the violations, it tends to suggest that the councilman was given preferential treatment,” Detroit Police Chief James Craig said.

It was also announced Monday that Cushingberry’s law license would be revoked for 45 days beginning Feb. 18 due to a conflict with a former client. According to reports, Cushingberry agreed to give legal council to a man several years ago, but instead took a $500 payment without providing any service, costing the man tens of thousands of dollars.

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