February 4, 2010

It is an ironic and certainly controversial phenomenon: the pressures of economic downtown have challenged long-standing marijuana prohibition all across the country and created a new boom.

Now Detroit– where the unemployment rate has reportedly reached 50% and where 20th Century industry has been all but hollowed out— one of the only opportunities presenting itself seems to be a fledgling above-board medical marijuana industry.

CNN Money carries an interesting interview today titled “Getting a degree growing pot.” This man found his way training for the new business because, well, so few other opportunities are on the table in Detroit, even though the legal framework for legal business is not yet totally worked out. Michigan voters approved medical marijuana in 2008.:

At MedGrow Cannabis College, Michigan students learn to grow medical marijuana in an effort to earn a living.

Caregivers are eyeing the unlimited potential for ‘growth’ in the industry. However, this potential has been muddled by Michigan lawmakers decision to limit the ability of patients or caregivers to grow their own plants. Instead, the state would apparently grow for them.

A similar piercing through of marijuana legality has transformed the debate in California, as the state asserts its 10th Amendment rights against the Federal Government and its legislators eye the potential for legal marijuana tax revenue to save its dying coffers.

Kevin Booth continues his investigation in the follow up to his ground-breaking “American Drug War” with the fresh and powerful look at “How Weed Won the West.” It features Alex Jones and many other powerful subjects. GET YOUR DVD HERE from INFOWARS.COM.

View the trailer below:

See Infowars’ exploration of the deindustrialized-by-design Detroit:

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