Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido is blaming Socialist President Nicolas Maduro for the nation’s blackout while calling for his supporters to rally in Caracas.

“[Maduro’s regime] has no way to solve the electricity crisis that they themselves created,” said Guaido while standing on a bridge in the capital during an illegal rally. “All of Venezuela, to Caracas!”

“We have to conquer public spaces in a peaceful manner,” Guaido declared. “We have to prepare ourselves for very tough times.”

Alternatively, Maduro is blaming America for the blackout and calling it “electromagnetic, cyber attacks directed from abroad.”

“The right-wing, together with the empire, has stabbed the electricity system, and we are trying to cure it soon,” said Maduro.

“Many saboteurs have infiltrated the state’s electrical company,” he added. “We have evidence and they will be held accountable.

The crisis escalated January 23rd when Guaido invoked the nation’s constitution and declared himself interim president, he’s been at odds with Maduro since.

Alex Jones reveals the current state on the ground in Venezuela and possible impending conflict with America.

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