The acting secretary of Homeland Security on Sunday heralded Mexico’s decision to send thousands of its national guard troops to the Guatemalan border as a new development, disputing a report that said the concession that averted new tariffs had been agreed upon months ago.

“All of it is new,” Kevin McAleenan said on “Fox News Sunday.” “I mean, we’ve heard commitments before from Mexico to do more on their southern border. The last time they deployed down there, it’s about 4 or 500 officers. This is a more than tenfold commitment to increase their security in Chiapas. That’s where people are entering from Guatemala in southern Mexico.”

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President Trump announced Friday that he would hold off on imposing 5 percent tariffs on Mexican imports after Mexico said it would send up to 6,000 national guard troops to the Guatemalan border to curb the flow of illegal immigrants.

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Matt Bracken breaks down how reports of increased illegal immigrant traffic from Mexico into the U.S. include a growing number of migrants from Africa, who happen to be leaving a severe Ebola outbreak back on their home continent.

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