The Obama administration refused to address reports that thousands of illegal alien minors were being placed with criminals due to lack of proper vetting, according to a former DHS official.

Jason Piccalo, a former Enforcement Removals Officer for the DHS, discovered a list detailing that nearly 3,500 children were released to illegal alien criminals in 2014.

“Within that list, it was discovered that 3,400 were released to criminals,” Piccalo told One America News. “And these criminals ranged from anything from the basic DUI to child molesters.”

However, when he tried to organize a task force to “rescue the children back to a safe haven,” the Obama administration promptly shut him down.

“I have a feeling it had something to do with the optics at the time of releasing information that there was criminals in receipt of young, tender-age, unaccompanied alien children,” Piccalo said.

Additionally, addressing the issue would mean that the Obama administration would have to take action against the illegal alien criminals and also find new sponsors with which to place the unaccompanied minors.

“The contracted facility was not vetting the sponsors, and that was my biggest complaint at the time,” he said. “How do we know who they are without doing that? Someone can come in and claim a child, and without vetting them they could be those criminals.”

“The Obama administration did not want to determine alienage of the sponsors. If you determine the alienage, we’ll have to take custody of them,” he added.

President Trump has chosen not to follow in Obama’s footsteps, which is why he implemented vetting procedures that see alien children and adults being temporarily separated at the border.

“President Trump’s policy, I believe, is to ensure that these children are being vetted with their adult sponsors. Because how do we know who those children are being paired with unless we do some sort of testing?” Piccalo said.


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