Anti-Trump leftists reacted with horror to the news that the president is about to declare a national emergency to build the wall, labeling Trump a “dictator”.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced that Trump would be signing a spending bill to keep the government open but will also be “issuing a national emergency declaration at the same time,” which McConnell would support.

Within minutes, liberals adopted alarmist rhetoric, claiming that the decision proves their already held belief that Trump is a dictator.

Judd Legum tweeted that Trump had been forced to act like a “dictator” because he couldn’t get Mexico or Congress to pay for the wall.

Max Temkin, founder of Cards Against Humanity and former consultant for Barack Obama, compared the declaration to Hitler seizing power after the Reichstag fire.

“An executive declaring a national emergency to circumvent a legislative body is straight out of the dictator textbook. Don’t let anyone try to claim otherwise, because historically, this is how it’s worked,” commented journalist Kris M. Wernowsky.

Former Democratic Congressional candidate Dr. Dena Grayson followed suit.

Leftist heads on Twitter exploded.

“Trump’s ‘national emergency’ action is the stuff of a fascist dictator and should be opposed in every possible way. It is profoundly racist and un-American,” claimed one user.

“Egypt was under national emergency for 30 years. 8 years ago this week, the people rose up and removed their dictator. We don’t have to wait 30 years,” screeched another user.

“Welcome to the kingdom of Trump first dictator of America. We have got to get this clown out of office,” asserted another.

“We have a national emergency, our president is a dictator,” blazed another.

Trump’s emergency declaration is inevitably going to be tied up in court, meaning it will receive due process and thereby prove that Trump is not in fact a dictator.

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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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