Paul Joseph Watson
Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dictatorial UN Crushes Media Freedom Before Copenhagen 011209top

Betraying its dictatorial and anti-free speech agenda, the United Nations has blocked two-time New York Times number one bestseller and World Net Daily senior staff writer Jerome Corsi from attending the Copenhagen climate conference next week.

Establishment propaganda organs like the Associated Press, who have dutifully echoed the UN’s hokey science on global warming, in spite of the recent climategate scandal which proved that top academics associated with the UN IPCC manipulated data to “hide the decline” in global temperatures, have been graciously invited to attend the summit, but any media outlet that has questioned the United Nations’ monopoly on universal truth is not welcome.

Despite the fact that Corsi was previously accredited for coverage at the UN, namely for speeches given by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and George W. Bush, he has been banned from attending next week’s Copenhagen confab.

“Axel Wuestenhagen, media coordinator for the event, admitted in his response that, after two weeks of deliberation on the matter, he consulted with U.N. officials in New York to make a decision about WND’s request,” reports World Net Daily.

[efoods]“Having now reviewed the application and in consultation with the Media and Accreditation Unit in New York, regrettably, we are not in a position to grant accreditation in this instance,” he wrote. “As a for-profit subsidiary of the nonprofit Western Journalism Center, we follow the U.N. guidelines on accreditation which specifies that advocacy publications of nongovernmental or nonprofit organizations do not qualify for media accreditation. Please note that the organization is under no obligation to accept your request if it does not meet U.N. standards and requirements for press accreditation.”

As WND editor Joseph Farah points out, WND has no present affiliation whatsoever with the Western Journalism Center, so the ban has been implemented on a completely false pretext. Despite this, even if WND was affiliated with the Western Journalism Center, what gives the United Nations the right to block media coverage of an event that has global ramifications? This isnt a private function, this is a major summit at which decisions which intimately affect the lives of U.S. citizens will be made by unelected bureaucrats.

Of course, the real reason why Corsi and WND were banned from the event is because they have not prostrated themselves in front of the UN as a servile echo chamber for global warming brainwashing and propaganda, unlike organizations like the Associated Press who have profusely dothed their cap in support of the UN’s ceaseless drive to convince the world that the “debate is over” on global warming, despite the fact that temperatures have been falling for over 10 years.

The Copenhagen event is also being billed as a great leap forward for the implementation of a global government. Since Corsi and World Net Daily have consistently highlighted the anti-democratic nature of the march towards a new world order, their skepticism is obviously something the UN is trying to neutralize.

Top globalists routinely let slip damning statements about the real agenda behind the march towards global governance at these kind of events, yet establishment media outlets habitually fail to report on them. Corsi would have seized upon and reported these sort of statements, which is precisely why the UN has barred him from attending.

This is the model for freedom of the press in the new world order once global institutions completely seize control of national legislative bodies. As is also the case with the European Union, which passed a tyrannical ruling that made it an illegal offense to criticize the EU, dissent in the era of global governance will not be tolerated and those who attempt to exercise freedom of speech in opposing our new rulers will be summarily silenced and gagged.

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