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Monday, April 14, 2008

China has been caught using provocateurs to stage violence and blame it on Tibetan protesters after an image of the man who attacked a wheelchair-bound Olympic torch bearer in Paris was uncovered showing him marching alongside friends carrying the red flag of Communist China.

The exposé is just the latest embarrassment for the Chinese government, who have been blamed for infiltrating protests and turning them violent in order to demonize Tibetans on several occasions already.

This is the image that was seized upon by Chinese state media to propagandize about the heartlessness of the Tibetans – an unprovoked attack on a defenseless wheelchair-bound woman, Jin Jing, a 27 year-old amputee and Paralympic fencer. Jing was lionized in the media as she bravely held on to the torch and refused to hand it over to the Tibetan protester despite being assaulted.

"This one picture came to symbolize the heartless violence of the Tibetan protesters, thus justifying, in many people’s minds, the paramilitary troops that China sent to harass, beat, and brutalize the protesters in other countries — from France and London to the United States to South America," writes one blogger.

The second photo shows the same individual who attacked the torch bearer traveling to the event flanked by his friends who are carrying the unmistakable red flag of Communist China.

Although the photograph is by no means conclusive, after all there are also other people with Tibetan flags in the background, it’s important to stress the fact that China has gone to great lengths to censor footage of Tibetans protesting, and yet seized upon the wheelchair clip and aired it ceaselessly for days. The clip was not only the subject of news bulletins, but was endlessly discussed on TV talk shows and the Internet and used to demonize Tibetans.

According to the Big Lizards blog, after the second image became widely publicized, Chinese citizens, who had fiercely attacked the Tibetan protester for his actions against the wheelchair-bound woman, turned on their own government and began accusing them of engaging in a mass hoax.

This image shows Tibetans protesting in Lhasa on March 14th. Note the man in the upper-right portion of the photo appears to be carrying a long knife or a machete.

A close-up of the image that was released by the Chinese Embassy to foreign news organizations.

According to a report in the Epoch Times, this individual was witnessed by a Chinese student studying in Lhasa entering a police station with a group of arrested Tibetans. Shortly thereafter, the man took off his Tibetan-style clothes and put on a police uniform.

"The witness was shocked when she saw the policeman in the BBC broadcast. She realized then that the man had disguised himself as a Tibetan in order to incite people to riot," states the report.

"From the TV news footage, you can see this man attempting to stab other people with a knife. But in later shots you can’t find this person any more. They were acting. After people raised questions about these shots, this footage never appeared on TV again," said the witness.

This image was released by the Chinese Embassy after the man’s identify was revealed. Notice he has been airbrushed out of the photo completely. After the furore picked up steam, Chinese state media began carrying the original image again to offset suspicions of manipulation.

Another image shows Chinese soldiers holding red and yellow Tibetan monks’ robes.

Pro-Tibetan bloggers cited this photo as evidence to suggest that Chinese soldiers were dressing up as Tibetans and staging violence. The Chinese government insists the image is from a 2003 film set and merely shows extras from a movie – but the jury is still out.

As we previously reported, according to a report, Britain’s GCHQ spy agency confirmed the fact that Chinese People’s Liberation Army agents posing as monks staged violent riots in Tibet in order to justify a brutal crackdown, but that the demonstrations subsequently escalated beyond Beijing’s control.

Former Chinese Communist Party official Ruan Ming was the first to accuse China of staging the violent riots in order to demonize Tibetans in the eyes of the international community, justify a brutal paramilitary police crackdown and force the Dalai Lama to resign.

"The demonstration on March 10 was meant to be peaceful. You can see from the pictures that the demonstration was all monks," he explained, adding that the CCP carefully introduced violent unrest in order to "deceive the world".

If indeed this is more evidence of China using agent provocateurs to sour global opinion towards the Tibetans then it would not be the first time they have used such tactics over the course of the past month.

First there was the ridiculous claim that "Al-Qaeda" were intent on attacking the Olympics, a painfully obvious attempt to hastily manufacture a boogeyman to distract attention from the protests, and then the equally baseless claim that Tibetan suicide bombers were also planning to inflict carnage.

Today’s sideshow revolves around guns and ammunition having been found in a Tibetan temple in southwestern China (because presumably only China’s bloodthirsty PLA killers are allowed to carry weapons).

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