I don’t know if David Hogg was jealous that he wasn’t invited to the Tony Awards. But this is an oddly random tweet from Sunday night.

First, being a political spectacle is what you are (see David Hogg Wears NRA Hat. Promises to Win Over Anti-Gun Members and David Hogg’s Publix Die-Ins Backfire on the Left). So for the tweet alone:

douche jar

But last night, around 9:10 pm, Parkland drama teacher Melody Herzfeld was awarded the excellence in theater education prize. And her students, Hogganator’s peers, were on stage with this powerful – and non-political – performance. Or as non-political a song from Rent can be.

Yes, powerful. Let’s not be a dick to the entire student body just because of the stupid things the Chinless One says. Save that for Bob De Niro.

So what’s David’s real beef? The students weren’t wearing “March for Our Lives” pins? The Hoggy Bunch wasn’t given equal TV time to lie about guns and those who own them? Mrs. Herzfeld didn’t challenge Dana Loesch to an arm-wrestling contest?

Only Hoggzilla knows for sure. We’re just here to ask questions.

David Hogg seems to think everything needs to be about David Hogg. Sometimes we can have, and enjoy nice things.

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