Daniel Halper
Weekly Standard
March 24, 2013

On Friday, President Barack Obama left Israel, after spending a couple days with the leaders of America’s closest ally in the region.

Now today, two days later, Israel has acknowledged that it fired at a military position in Syria. “Israel said it fired into Syria on Sunday and destroyed a machinegun position in the Golan Heights from where shots had been fired at Israeli soldiers in a further spillover of the Syrian civil war along a tense front,” Reuters reports. “It was not immediately clear whether Israel held Syrian troops or rebels responsible for what a spokesman for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said had been a deliberate attack on Israeli patrols in the occupied territory.”

The sequence of events leads one to ask, what did the two leaders, Obama and Netanyahu, discuss regarding Syria when they met multiple times this last week in Jerusalem? And what did they agree to do to deal with the Syria issue?

[…] But with the situation in Syria appearing to get worse, and considering the very real possibility that chemical weapons were used within Syria last week, it would seem likely the two discussed dealing with Syria more aggressively.

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