Was the infamous Trump tape in which the Republican candidate made lewd remarks about women leaked by Dan Senor, Paul Ryan’s top advisor?

That’s the story swirling around the Internet after Senor’s wife, former NBC reporter Campbell Brown, appeared to confirm the claim.

Brown quoted a tweet that said, “Rumblings that Campbell Brown and Dan Senor are behind the Trump tape leak,” and then responded, “Yep. Still having fun after all these years. Key to a happy marriage.”

Dan Senor himself later reportedly denied the claims, telling CBS News the story was “ludicrous”.

However, Senor has been aggressive in pushing the tape, trying to keep the story at the top of the headlines after Trump’s impressive performance in Sunday night’s debate.

“I spoke with a reporter tonight who believes the reports are true. It was GOP elites who released the audio to the Washington Post,” adds Jim Hoft.

The explanation correlates with Jerry Falwell Jr.’s claim that he learned of a plot 6 weeks in advance by GOP establishment insiders to sabotage Trump.

Falwell noted that the timing of the release coincided perfectly with Paul Ryan’s event in Wisconsin, giving him an opportunity to disinvite Trump and increase the perception that the Republican nominee’s campaign was on life support.

Ryan was set to campaign alongside Trump for the first time on Saturday before the leak of the tape changed everything.


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