“Redneck” comedian Larry The Cable Guy claims his Twitter account had its notifications turned off and that his posts disappeared from his wife’s timeline after he posted an image comparing Democrat Adam Schiff to the late comedian Andy Kaufman.

“So I tweeted out a pic of Schiff looking like Andy Kaufman and evidently twitter is sensitive to Adam Schiff jokes and now I’m getting DM’s that they turned off my notifications for a little bit,” the Blue Collar Comedy Tour veteran wrote.

“I literally disappeared from my wife’s timeline about 10 minutes after. Crazy,” he concluded.

Larry also called out Twitter for not being able to take a joke, saying, “I mean it wasn’t even political. They both had the same eyes, it’s funny. People said for years he faked his death so what’s wrong with saying he could be Schiff? Man what a bunch of cry babies.”

Twitter has been accused of censoring users who criticize or mock Democrat politicians and this appears to be another instance.

For example, in January, Infowars reporter Harrison Smith was suspended by Twitter for mocking Socialism and MSNBC’s Chris Hayes.

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