January 10, 2010

A quick look at what is/will be available for the airport screeners to view…in the name of safety, of course.…

The full body scanners that President Obama last night authorized to be rolled out in airports across the country at a cost of over $1 billion dollars not only produce detailed pictures of your genitals, but once inverted some of those images also display YOUR NAKED BODY in full living COLOR.

And you dont need to be a graphics wizard using a $600 software suite like Photoshop to pull off the trick inverting a photo is a simple process that takes one click and is an option available even in the most BASIC image editing software.

We were sent examples of the process by readers and then tested it for ourselves to confirm that simply inverting some of the pictures produced by the body scanners creates a near-perfect replica of a naked body in full color.

It is important to stress that this is a low resolution image. Airport screeners will have access to huge HIGH DEFINATION images that, once inverted, will allow them to see every minute detail of your body.

The inversion trick doesn’t work for all the sample images produced by body scanners, but with or without its application, every image will still show details of your sexual organs. Even without being inverted, the images already BREAK CHILD PORN LAWS in the UK.…

Reassurances that airport screeners wont be able to save the images will provide little comfort to parents who know that the crystal clear image of their naked son or daughter being ogled by a TSA thug can merely be snapped with a handheld camera for their enjoyment later.

Apologists for the scanners have routinely described the images they produce as ghostly or skeletal in an effort to downplay the intrusion of privacy they really represent.

As we reported yesterday, claims that the body scanners did not provide details of genitals were DISPROVEN after a London Guardian journalist who was present at a trial for the machines earlier this week reported that the devices produce an image which make genitals eerily visible.…

German Security advisor Hans-Detlef Dau, a representative for a company that sells the scanners, admits that the machines, show intimate piercings, catheters and the form of breasts and penises.…
(Source of original photo, try inverting it yourself…)

Indeed, as was admitted when the scanners were first being rolled out over a year ago, they don’t function properly if areas of the body are blurred out.

A report from October 2008, when the naked body scanners were first being introduced at Melbourne Airport in Australia, detailed how the X-ray backscatter devices don’t work properly unless the genitals of people going through them are visible.…

It will show the private parts of people, but what weve decided is that were not going to blur those out, because it severely limits the detection capabilities, said Office of Transport Security manager Cheryl Johnson.

It is possible to see genitals and breasts while theyre going through the machine, she admitted.

TV news reports have been deliberately misleading viewers by blurring out faces and genitals of people in images produced by the scanners. When it comes to the real thing, YOUR SEXUAL ORGANS and those of YOUR CHILDREN will be on full display to officials sat alone in back rooms, and with a simple inversion trick, YOUR DAUGHTERS NAKED BODY, in full living high definition color will be there to be enjoyed by screeners.

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