Kurt Nimmo
April 29, 2010

Anthony Bouchard, defender of the Second Amendment and director of Wyoming Gun Owners Association, was confronted by police in Sheridan, Wyoming, after delivering a speech at a local Tea Party event.

Bouchard’s speech centered on states’ rights, Obamacare, and Wyoming House Bill 95 known as the Wyoming Firearms Freedom Act. Mr. Bouchard criticized senator Bruce Burns, a Republican, for introducing resolutions that removed “the teeth” from the bill, according to The Sheridan Press.

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On the day after the event Bouchard and his family were leaving a hotel when two police officers armed with AR-15 rifles approached his vehicle. The cops ordered Bouchard, his wife and little girl to put up their hands. Bouchard was then ordered to exit the vehicle. An officer named Sgt. Kody Lamb was particularly agitated. His “hand shuttered like he was on an extreme adrenaline rush,” writes Bouchard, who was practicing his Second Amendment right at the time of the encounter.

Bouchard instructed the cops on the Second Amendment and the Bill of Rights and told them he was not violating the law. Realizing he did not have a reason to confront Bouchard, Sgt. Lamb threatened to arrest him for disturbing the peace.

On the day after the encounter, the police stonewalled Anthony Bouchard. They would not allow him to have copies of the dispatch recordings or the police report. “I also contacted Evidence Technician Stephen Johnson inquiring about exactly what statute they are using to deny the dispatch recordings, he has refused to return my call,” writes Bouchard on his Cheyenne Gun Rights Examiner blog.

“Wyoming statute states that ‘the person in interest’ is allowed to have access to the recordings, but the the City of Sheridan would rather flex their power. The City Attorney Mia Mikesell said ‘she didn’t have to cite statute’ to me and ‘it was their policy’ to ask for a Subpoena, she then hung up on me,” he adds.

Bouchard suggests his blog readers call the Sheridan City Hall and protest his treatment.

Anthony Bouchard states he was stopped at gunpoint and harassed because he is an advocate of the Second Amendment who insists on practicing open carry and because he delivered a speech at the Sheridan Tea Party event.

Read the entire account of the encounter on his blog.

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