ABC pulled a dirty tricks stunt this morning by claiming that Alex Jones was a “no show” for a live appearance on This Week with George Stephanopoulos to talk about the Jade Helm military exercise, when in reality the car ABC sent to take Jones to the studio arrived just 12 minutes before the segment began.

“Radio talk show host Alex Jones….who has been one of the leading proponents of this (Jade Helm) theory, had agreed to join us this morning but he did not show up at our studio,” said fill-in host Martha Raddatz during this morning’s broadcast.

This prompted a number of news outlets to insinuate that Jones didn’t show for the interview because he was “chicken,” or unwilling to defend his position on Jade Helm.

In reality, the non-appearance of Jones was entirely the fault of ABC.

ABC originally set up the appearance at the beginning of the week, inviting to fly Jones in for a studio appearance. Wary that networks had canceled on him before, Jones said he would be happy to do the show live via satellite from Austin, Texas.

ABC agreed but then flip-flopped later in the week by saying they would only be prepared to pre-record the segment. Prepared for the likelihood that ABC would edit his comments, Jones insisted on appearing live.

As the screenshots below show, an ABC producer sent an email at 7:58 AM asking if Jones had got in the car to take him to the studio. Another email was sent at 8:19 AM CST complaining that Jones was not answering the phone or at his apartment in time to be picked up for the broadcast.


However, Jones only received the text message (seen below) informing him that the car was outside his residence at 8:48 AM – just 12 minutes before the segment was set to start.

Jones could not have physically made it to the studio in time for the live broadcast, yet ABC is now blaming their screw up on Jones.

Quote from Alex Jones: “From Tuesday to Friday we had been told by ABC that the show would be live via satellite before ABC backed out and tried to make me agree to a taped interview. We were in negotiations and never even heard back from ABC on this issue.

“The next thing I know there’s a car calling me 12 minutes before air time.”

“This is a typical establishment media stunt to rig debates by implying I’m not ready to defend my ideas and information.”

Whether the miscommunication was a mistake or not, to blame Jones for a “no show,” insinuating that he deliberately chose not to appear on the broadcast, is completely inaccurate and dishonest.

Former talk show host Montel Williams even suggested that Jones didn’t have the “balls” to appear on the network, a claim completely belied by the fact that Jones has appeared on ABC before as well as virtually every other major TV network numerous times.

Jones is now challenging ABC to have him on to discuss Jade Helm live next week, and he is prepared to appear on any ABC show at any time.

The actual round table segment which was supposed to include Jones was just another re-hash of the strawman arguments and smear tactics used against Infowars and Jones by the rest of the mainstream media over the last several weeks.

As we have documented, dozens of media outlets have characterized concerns over the exercise as being founded in baseless paranoia, ignorant of the manifestly provable preparations for domestic disorder by both the U.S. Army and the federal government that have been unfolding for decades.

While Jade Helm will by no means herald the implementation of martial law (a claim falsely attributed to Jones), it will serve to further acclimatize Americans to the sight of troops on the streets and the militarization of law enforcement.

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