CNN contributed to the Iowa caucus disaster by preventing a poll worker from reporting results, footage captured by the network shows.

During a live feed Monday, CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer asked for a rundown on delays from a precinct secretary on the ground in Iowa, only to have the poll worker miss an important call where he was to relay his precinct’s results.

The result was a microcosm of things that went wrong:

“What can you tell us about this delay you’re getting? Any results showing?” Blitzer asks.

“Well, Wolf,” the poll worker says, “I have been on hold for over an hour with the Iowa Democratic party. They tried to promote an app to report the results. The app by all accounts just doesn’t work. So we’ve been recommended to call into the hotline, and the hotline has not been responsive.”

When the poll worker puts the phone up to a microphone after Blitzer asks what he’s listening to, a live operator picks up the phone and begins asking, “Hello? Can I help you?”

“This is a real coincidence, Wolf,” the poll secretary says surprised he got someone on the line. “I just got off hold just now,” he says laughing, as the operator is heard asking, “Hello?”

“So, I’ve got to get off the phone to report the results,” the worker tells Blitzer, happy he finally got through.

“Alright, go ahead,” the CNN host responds, as the operator on the line can again be heard asking, “Hello?”

“Report your results,” Blitzer says, before adding, “Can we listen in as you report them?”

“Yep,” the poll secretary says, before going back to the operator and realizing he’s missed his opportunity.

“OK, Hi. Hello…? They hung up on me… They hung up on me… I’ve get to get back in line on hold.”

The Iowa Democrat Party blamed “quality control” and a failed app rollout for the problems that resulted in zero vote count results being released.

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The DNC was clearly buckling at the thought of Bernie Sanders making Joe Biden look like a clown in the oracle of Presidential elections, the Iowa Caucus.

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