Steve Watson & Alex Jones
September 22, 2010

“Adversity makes men and prosperity makes monsters.”
– Victor Hugo

Discover Your Humanity And Live Forever 210910universeWhat is it to be a human being? Who are we as a species?

The main mission of our species has been simply to survive in a hostile environment.

Now there are those living in the lap of luxury that do not appreciate what they have because we are not designed to thrive in a society of plenty, devoid of challenges and pressures.

Out of this continuing regression has emerged a modern society of decadence that is ever more easily manipulated and controlled by self appointed power hungry social engineers.

Alex Jones addresses this core issue in a rousing new special video report available to subscribers in high quality or free to view at the Alex Jones YouTube Channel.

In a deeply considered and impassioned call for the re-energisation of humanity, Alex describes how our species is still only in a pre-embryonic stage, and that our intellect is being shaped and limited by force fed distractions.

All our inherited memories of collective struggle and perseverance, indentured within our genetic makeup, spanning the millennia of our ancestors’ development are clashing with the lasciviousness of modern society.

This is giving rise to a psychological degeneration, a nihilism, a culture where feelings of destruction and regression take over the psyche.

People are losing their humanity as they are consciously and subconsciously encouraged to think and act as selfish automata. Humanity by it’s very definition is destroyed as our natural instinct toward altruism is eroded away.

Discover Your Humanity And Live Forever 210910Alex

Life is transitory. Everything we experience is simply a moment, a fraction in time – but nothing ever dies, through the species we live on. Collectively, pulling in the same direction toward the ultimate freedom of progress, we are infinite. Individually and divided we are destined to become lost and forgotten as a species.

Everything we do to each other affects the species as a whole. The more people buy into or take as the norm the idea of inadequacy forced upon them by Madison Avenue, Hollywood and other constructed cultural realities, the more contumacious they become and the more society breaks down.

People no longer feel fulfilled and complain that life is boring – not appreciating that simply being conscious is a miracle, encouraged instead to regard individual notoriety and meaningless wealth as the pinnacle of the human experience.

Selfish individuals die before they physically perish in a corporate controlled culture of death.

Through love of humanity, creativity and investigation you can live forever. You will attain immortality. Wider horizons will open up and you will see glimpses into the endless possibilities of the universe and beyond.

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The great evil of the new world order engineers is that they fully understand this primeval rule and they have made the greedy selfish decision to keep these great truths from humanity and divert us on a course that will ultimately prevent us from achieving our potential as a species.

When you become enlightened you threaten their monopoly of power and control.

They create a bed of decadence and destructiveness and sell it as if it is cool, risqué and anti-establishment because they want to isolate, control and dominate your time on the planet and take away from the progress of the species in order to maintain their addictive power.

We have been anesthetized by empty culture, entertainment, contaminated food, psychotropic drugs – we must re-discover what humanity really is if we are to survive.

The Western world is crumbling, we have allowed the would be controllers to misdirect us away from our prime directive to grow, build and explore.

The population is instinctively turning away from responsibility as it is bombarded with torture, war, conflict and pain, allowing evil to flood in to all the major systems of power, imploding society in the process.

The spirit of resistance is engineered into all of us. We would not have survived and we would not be here had our ancestors not fought for their place in history. We need to re-discover this energy, otherwise the conditioning we are experiencing today will be handed down to our future ancestors. Our species will literally end up as cattle to the social engineers and eventually we will become extinct.

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Steve Watson is the London based writer and editor at Alex Jones’, and regular contributor to He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the School of Politics at The University of Nottingham in England.

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