Interim Chair Donna Brazile told ABC’s Martha Raddatz Sunday that the DNC, and other organizations highlighted by WikiLeaks, are “victims of a cyber crime led by thugs.”

“Julian Assange has said there will be significant releases over the coming weeks, coming months,” posed Raddatz. “What are you most concerned about there?”

“We are victims — the DNC and other organizations — are the victims of a cyber crime led by thugs,” responded Brazile. “We know from the company that we hired, CrowdStrike, that there was Russian involvement in this to destabilize not just our institution, the Democratic party, but our democracy itself.”

“I have to once again,” she continued. “The notion that were gong to let some person put out personal, sensitive information across the world, jeopardizing people’s privacy, and w’ere interviewing him as if he’s going to have a smoking gun.”

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