DNC Deputy Chair Keith Ellison has stoked controversy by appearing to endorse Antifa, a group that is formally classified by the federal government as a domestic terror organization.

Ellison tweeted a picture of a book entitled Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook along with the words, “At @MoonPalaceBooks and I just found the book that strike fear in the heart of @realDonaldTrump.”

In endorsing Antifa, Ellison is expressing support for a group whose activity have been formally classified by the Department of Homeland Security as “domestic terrorism”.

As Politico reports, “By April 2016, authorities believed that “anarchist extremists” were the primary instigators of violence at public rallies against a range of targets.” According to a senior state law enforcement official, “A whole bunch of them” have been deemed dangerous enough to be placed on U.S. terrorism watch lists.”


The report also notes how recent FBI and DHS reports confirm that they are monitoring “conduct deemed potentially suspicious and indicative of terrorist activity” by Antifa groups.

As we reported back in July, the Department of Homeland Security in New Jersey officially lists Antifa as a domestic terrorist organization on its website.

According to a recently revealed FBI field report, Antifa supporters have stored improvised explosives on college campuses. Members of Antifa have also met with Islamic terrorists to obtain weapons & training.

As we reported last month, Muslim convert and would-be domestic terrorist Everitt Aaron Jameson, who planned to carry out a Christmas Day massacre on Pier 39 in San Francisco, was a supporter of Antifa.

Many on the left have disavowed Antifa for its use of violence, including Noam Chomsky, who said that the group had “initiated the use of force in ways that are completely unacceptable.”

Despite this, numerous mainstream news outlets have venerated Antifa, including the New York Times, which recently ran a puff piece about the group entitled What to Wear to Smash the State.


“The FBI and DHS consider Antifa a domestic terrorist organization,” tweeted Jordan Schachtel in response to Ellison’s tweet. “Keith is a DNC official AND member of Congress. Does the @DNC now support terrorist groups? Every Democrat in Congress should have to answer for this ON the record.”


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