Kurt Nimmo
January 4, 2011

In addition to taking heat from RINOs, Ron Paul is now facing an attack from establishment Democrats.

“Ron Paul’s dangerous ideas are too extreme for America,” declares the Democratic Governors Association (DGA). “Paul called Social Security and Medicare ‘unconstitutional,’ even comparing these vital programs to slavery! And Paul has said that if elected President he would dismantle much of the federal government, including the public school system and Social Security.”

They are encouraging people to sign a petition “to stand against Ron Paul’s extreme ideology.” The page does not explain what DGA plans to do with collected signatures or what sort of political action aimed at Paul they will take.

Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution does not say the government can take your money and set it aside for retirement. In fact, Social Security is not even a federally mandated insurance program.

“The truth, of course, is that your contributions are not put aside,” Ron Paul explains. “Social Security is simply a tax. Like all taxes, the money collected is spent immediately as general revenue to fund the federal government. But no administration will admit that Social Security is nothing more than an accounting ledger with no money. You will collect benefits only if future tax revenues materialize as hoped; the money you paid into the system is long gone.”

The DGA – a creation of Chuck Robb and the Democratic National Committee – is not telling the truth. Instead of gutting the program completely, as DGA and the worshippers of the state and the Democrat party insist, Paul believes that Congress needs to reduce spending, reassess monetary and spending policies, and stop borrowing from foreign investors and bankers.

“Unless Congress makes real cuts in spending– and stops spending Social Security taxes on completely unrelated programs– millions of Americans simply will not receive even a fraction of the money they paid into Social Security,” Ron Paul wrote back in 2006. “All Social Security obligations could be met if Congress did not spend so much on other things.”

He has called for younger workers to opt out of Social Security, something anathema to the DGA and the Democrats who favor wealth confiscation at gunpoint.

Paul would not “dismantle” education as the DGA claims. For Ron Paul, education is a states’ right issue, not one determined by the federal government. “I believe that parents and teachers know what is best for their schools at the local level. The key to reforming public education in America is

returning local control back to our public schools,” he stated in 2001.

Again, the very idea that parents have a right to educate their own children is anathema to Democrats and most Republicans, even those running for president who mimic much of Ron Paul’s ideology.

Now that millions of Americans realize the federal government is an out of control leviathan stealing billions of dollars every year from honest working people, borrowing trillions more and demanding that future generations pick up the tab, and will never end the wars, the government is running scared.

That the DGA and Democrats tell lies about Ron Paul and his political philosophy simply reveals how desperate they are to hang on to their corrupt franchise, especially with a large number of Democrats considering a vote for Paul in an effort to shut down the establishment’s endless wars.

As Paul takes his message to New Hampshire, the DNC and its “super PAC” are engaging in a shameless effort to make Paul out as a “rightwing extremist” of the sort Obama’s Department of Homeland Security equated with domestic terrorists.

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