Leaked instructions to Denver police outline indicators of potential violent protesters

Steve Watson
Thursday, August 21, 2008

The ACLU has obtained a leaked copy of a Denver Police Department bulletin which advises officers that violent protesters at the upcoming Democratic National Convention may be identified from their use of hand held radios, bikes, maps and “camping information.”

The bulletin provides a “watch list” of items that police are to associate with violent protesters, describing some items as “caches of supplies that could be used by violent demonstrators.”

Other items on the list include baseball catch protectors, football helmets, plastic shields, gas masks and protest sign handles.

The Bulletin warns that violent protesters may “stockpile” supplies and suggests:

“While most of the activity will be peaceful and take place in the city of Denver, past practices of demonstrators show that they will use outlying buildings, homes, camping facilities, secluded woods and farm field to store their supplies.”

The bulletin suggests that visitors with “camping information” should be considered violent protesters, specifically:

“information concerning the camping, boarding or housing of potential violent protesters that have rented campaign spaces, rented farms or land for the time period around the DNC.”

Visitors with “Large numbers of city maps” are also considered suspicious because maps are “frequently used by violent protester [sic] to plan direct actions against conventioneers.” according to the instructions.

Here is the leaked bulletin:

This information comes in the wake of last week’s discovery of a huge warehouse holding facility in Denver, consisting of steel cages topped with barbed wire, ready to receive thousands of protesters.

On seeing footage of the facility one local political organizer told the crew it resembled a “concentration camp”, while another described it as a “meat processing plant”. The facility has already been dubbed “Gitmo On The Platte”.

The convention takes place this weekend August 24-28.

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