On Thursday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” DNC Senior Adviser and head of the Democrats’ Trump War Room Zac Petkanas reacted to President Trump revoking President Obama’s guidelines on transgendered students by stating, “Donald Trump is not only a monster, but he’s a coward.

We’re talking about somebody who is so emasculated by Vladimir Putin…that he has to come back and pick on vulnerable kids.”

Petkanas said, “This is guidance that was provided to schools that schools wanted and asked for, and it is very — it’s for a very specific reason, they wanted to create a safe environment for all the kids in their school, and they wanted to avoid Title IX lawsuits. I mean, that’s what’s so mind-boggling about what the Trump administration did today. He took away practical guidance to school administrators and principals, who were looking to create this safe environment, and were looking to not get sued for Title IX violations.”

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