February 21, 2014

Political office in the Big Apple has its perks. From the New York Post:

Mayor de Blasio and his security detail crossed a Brooklyn street against the light Friday on his way to his morning workout – just a day after his SUV blew through two stop signs and was speeding in Queens.

Exclusive video taken by The Post caught the mayor — dressed in a “Brooklyn” sweatshirt, slacks and sneakers — chatting on his cellphone as he sauntered across 11th Street on 6th Avenue in Park Slope, ignoring the orange hand on the traffic signal that clearly warns pedestrians not to cross.

Hizzoner’s NYPD handlers faithfully crossed with him. They were in the crosswalk but were jaywalking because they did not have the light.

In January, NYPD precincts launched an aggressive jaywalking ticket blitz that had de Blasio’s support.

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