Laurence Vance
LRC Blog
December 28, 2011

When asked recently by Wolf Blitzer whom he would vote for in a race between Paul and Obama, Gingrich replied: “I think you’d have a very hard choice.” When asked recently by Chris Wallace about Ron Paul, Huckabee replied that his views on foreign policy “are so much an anathema to Republicans and Democrats and what I call middle of the road people. He has a core of fanatical believers, and they don’t represent mainstream Americans. It is not okay for Iran to have a nuclear weapon.” But of Obama Huckabee said:  “I think he’s a decent, patriotic American. He loves America different than me, but I don’t doubt he loves America.”

Is there any doubt that the Republican Party is first and foremost the war party? Statists in the GOP might be able to tolerate some of Ron Paul’s economic and limited-government views, but never his views on foreign policy. They are incorrigible, bloodthirsty warmongers.

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