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Sept. 25, 2013

Do you remember the 1987 movie “RoboCop”?

Guess what?  He’s back!  He is here to save you… or imprison you… or just kill you.  The jury is still out.

I guess that would imply that a jury was still involved in the justice system in this allegedly fictional future. Get that silly thought out of your head right now.

RoboCop still has facial recognition, wi-fi, and a gun… what else is required to hand out Justice? How about a fleet of drones, autonomous vehicles and DNA guided bullets?

The original Paul Verhoeven directed movie starred Peter Weller as the malfunctioning semi-homicidal human / robot hybrid with enough firepower and quasi-legal justification to lay waste to wrong-doers that it makes even Janet Napolitano jealous.

Set in a future dystopic Detroit where crime runs rampant and corporations control everything. (Wait, did he say “Future”?)  A cop gets horribly injured on the job, is saved by technology and then turned into a crime fighting robot with a human head against his soon to be unsuppressed will.

…and you thought YOUR health coverage was lame.

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