Several of Our Rulers pontificated this week at the “annual RSA … cybersecurity conference in San Francisco,” among them Mike Rogers, Chief Bowel at the NSA, and the USSA’s Attorney General, Loretta Leech—sorry, Lynch. (You know, with a name like that, shouldn’t she be crooning country music somewhere instead of preying on us?). Given the feds’ determination that we serfs will enjoy absolutely no privacy in telecommunications and our equal determination to do so via encryption and other goodies from Silicon Valley, Our Rulers are busily wooing the tech industry to the dark side. The feds’ message to these geniuses is simple: “Come help us tyrannize the world!” But of course they don’t phrase it that way. No, instead they allege that yet another War of Good Against Evil portends. Techies enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fight with the angels for the ol’ Homeland. Or, as Rogers puts it, “It’s only a matter of the when, not the if, you are going to see a nation state, a group or an actor engage in destructive behaviour against critical infrastructure of the United States.” Yeah, and a century of imperial provocation and skullduggery from goons like Rogers had nothing to do with it, either.

Loretta later piped up with advice on saving the Homeland, Motherhood, and Apple Pie, if not Civilization itself. “The government relies on the cooperation of citizens and companies; the reality is that we are all in this together,” she babbled, channeling Mussolini in response to a question about “the legal fight with Apple.” Then she tried manipulating her audience with guilt. “With the ability to live in this country and create wonderful things comes responsibility.” Really? And what about those who sponge off of or destroy the wonderful things other people create? Do they have “responsibility,” too, or do they just get to order the rest of us around?

But Ms. Leech hadn’t yet filled her quota of hypocrisy for the hour, so she “referred to the confrontation with Apple” and inquired, ‘Do we let one company — no matter how great the company or how beautiful their devices — decide the issue for all of us?’”

Of course not. That’s why we have an Attorney General. Far better that she decide the issue for all of us.

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